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  • Wingman1

    Spam Cleanup!

    October 11, 2012 by Wingman1

    i jspent 2 1/2 hrs Today cleaning up after User

    spam / gibberish 100+ pages of that crap, over almost 3 years!!!!!

    It looked like a prievious Admin blocked a user for some reason and they took it out on the wiki. they made over 100 spam pages! i even seen where you cleaned up some of the mess, but you missed most of it. i cleaned up the rest and the ip vandel will not be back from that ip anymore.

    if ANYONE finds anymore spam pages please leave me a message or link on my talk page. or leave me a comment here. Thank You!

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  • Wingman1

    A General Request.

    October 8, 2012 by Wingman1

    i have notced that a few pages on this wiki are nothing more than piss-poor bad copy/paste jobs. While i have little problem with copy/past work at least take the time to make it look good. The Pluto page is but one example, look at all those red links and Notes section, thats a lot of cite errors. and look at the redlinks for just the images. it's a mess people.

    Now i know that is a lot of work and one or two editors can not do it overnight or by themselves so let us do the following things.

    • 1. Pick a Category

    even if it just a one page category, do a page, get it looking right, enough info with cross linked as needed to related pages, once you do this then move on to another one. (just remember, spell check and grammar!)

    ( i have problems wi…

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