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Discovered by Smith, Reitsema,
Larson and Fountain
Discovered in April 8, 1980
Orbital characteristics
Semimajor axis 294,619 km
Eccentricity 0.000
Orbital period 1.887802 d [1]
Inclination 1.19° (to Saturn's equator)
Is a satellite of Saturn
Physical characteristics
Mean diameter 24 km (either 30×16×16 or
34×22×22 km)
Mass ? kg
Mean density ? g/cm3
Surface gravity ? m/s2
Rotation period synchronous
Axial tilt zero
Albedo ?
Surface temperature
min mean max
? K ? K ? K
Atmosphere none

Telesto (tə-les'-toe, IPA /təˈlɛsto/, Greek Τελεστώ) is a moon of Saturn. It was discovered by Smith, Reitsema, Larson and Fountain in 1980 from ground-based observations, and was designated 1980 S 13. In 1983 it was officially named after Telesto of Greek mythology. It is also designated as Saturn XIII.

Telesto is co-orbital with Tethys, residing in Tethys' leading Lagrangian point (L4). The moon Calypso resides in Tethys' trailing Lagrangian point (L5).

The Cassini probe performed a distant flyby of Telesto on October 11, 2005. The resulting images show that its surface is surprisingly smooth, devoid of small impact craters.

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