Astronauts involved in EVA must wear Spacesuits in order to be protected from the environment of space. In addition to protecting against vacuum, radiation, heat, and cold, spacesuits must also protect against tiny pieces of debris travelling through space, called micro-meteors. First generation spacesuits are made from multiple layers of compressed fabric. They enabled humans to walk on the moon and work in space. However, these suits are difficult to manufacture. They are also very stiff, which restricts astronauts' mobility.

A new type of spacesuit, made of metal, is being developed to overcome these deficiencies. The suit must be designed so that it is easy to seal, yet easy to move around in. The metal that it is made from must also meet stringent requirements. It must be good at radiating heat so that the astronaut stays cool. It must not corrode or react with atomic oxygen that is found in low-Earth orbit, where EVAs typically occur. It must also protect the astronauts from micro-meteors, just as fabric spacesuits have done in the past. NASA has show that astronauts can move around more easily in these new spacesuits, and is continuing to develop them.