FANDOM is a web site featuring original space and astronomy news. Its Alexa rank[1] is approximately 3000, and its stories are often syndicated to other media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC, Yahoo!, and USA Today. was created in July 1999. CNN anchor Lou Dobbs owned a sizable share of the company and in an unexpected move, left CNN that year to become's chief executive officer. Dobbs stated that he had always been "interest[ed] in space and space exploration", in part motivated by a belief in extraterrestrial intelligence and a desire to seek them out. The move came as a surprise to many and was the source of intense media speculation.

The company struggled to turn a profit in its early days, and when the dot-com bubble burst in 2000, many felt that it would collapse. Cofounder Rich Zahradnik had left his position as president less than two months after the start of the company; former astronaut Sally Ride took his place but then stepped down in September of 2000. As it expanded, it acquired other web sites such as and It also acquired Sienna Software (the company which produces the Starry Night software) and Space News. Despite some growth, was never able to achieve what Dobbs had hoped for and in 2003, he returned to CNN. He remains on its board and still owns a minority stake. Despite setbacks, has continued slowly growing and today plays a significant role in reporting space- and astronomy-related information. has enjoyed the participation of several key space-related public figures, Neil Armstrong, Alexei Leonov, Eugene A. Cernan, and Thomas Stafford. In 2003, for its coverage of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster, it received the Online Journalism Award for Breaking News by the Online News Association.

In May of 2004,'s parent company changed its name from to Imaginova. It continued producing while launching other web sites such as the popular websites and acquiring other space- and science-related brands.

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