Procyon (A.CMi) is a binary star system around 11.5 light-years away in the constellation of Canis Minor. Procyon A is the largest and the most luminous of the pair, being a large subgiant star 4 times larger than the Sun. Procyon B is the smaller white dwarf star.

Observation data
Epoch J2000
Constellation Canis Minor
Right ascension {{{ra}}}
Declination {{{dec}}}
Apparent magnitude (V) {{{appmag_v}}}
Spectral type F IV-V(A)/DA (B)
B-V color index -0.01
U-B color index 0.40/0.0
Variable type Unknown
Astrometry <tr valign=top><td>Radial velocity (Rv)</td><td>-3.2 km/s km/s</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Proper motion (μ)</td><td> RA: -714.590 mas/yr mas/yr
Dec.: -1036.80 mas/yr mas/yr </td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Parallax (π)</td><td>284.56 mas mas</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Distance</td><td>11.46 ly (3.51 pc)</td></tr><tr valign=top><td>Absolute magnitude (MV)</td><td>2.65/13.04</td></tr>
Mass 1.42/0.602 M M
Radius 2.048/0.01234 R R
Luminosity 6.93/0.00055 L L
Temperature 6,530/7,740 K K
Metallicity -0.05 dex
Rotation 3.16 km/s
Age 3 Gyr years
Other designations
a Canis Minoris, 10 Canis Minoris
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