Kiviuq (kee'-vee-oek or kiv'-ee-ook, IPA /ˈkiːviɔʊk/, /ˈkɪviʊk/) is a prograde irregular satellite of Saturn. It was discovered by Brett J. Gladman, et al. in 2000, and given the temporary designation S/2000 S 5. It is also designated as Saturn XXIV.

It is named after a "giant" of Inuit mythology. Kiviuq (also spelled Keeveeok, Qiviuq or Kivioq) is a legendary and heroic Inuk, a sort of inuit Ulysses. He has lived very long (or has had several lives), has wandered and journeyed, living all sorts of adventures whose details depend on the story-teller's local tradition.

Kiviuq is about 14 kilometres in diameter, and orbits Saturn at an average distance of 11,333 Mm in 450.444 days, at an inclination of 49° to the ecliptic (77° to Saturn's equator), and with an eccentricity of 0.156. It is a member of the Inuit group of irregular satellites.

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