If you look up at the sky, you see a white circle, maybe a semi-circle, maybe a a crescent spork, and you wonder - can I get there?. That’s the moon. Now you can get there, but if you have $750,000,000 - $1,500,000,000 laying around on our desk. Then you see a red dot. That’s Mars. No one has set foot there. You can get there, too, with another $100,000,000,000 - $230,000,000,000. Nice. A smaller red dot is appearing, that looks too small for you to see. That would probably be Jupiter, unless something is exploding. You can’t get there because it is literally a gas ball. Anyway, the point is, the government would go into poverty if they go to Mars. Or anywhere in space. A ticket to M31, or the Andromeda Galaxy would go into a price range of 780 Trillion Dollars per person. 90 % of that cost goes to engines and fuel capacity and efficiency.

So is going to space worth it?

Yes and no. Space traveling isn't money efficient even now. A price to send a rocket to repair the Hubble Telescope would go between 750K - 70 Million dollars. Space is important to contribute to because there is much to study and still unanswered FAQs. It is a dangerous place to study of all the garbage and as Bill Wurtz said, "Space Dust, and Quarks and Stuff!" And yes, the sun would still be a deadly laser even out there. And remember - out there, aint no free air. Either way, if we countinue space traveling, we could go into poverty - and even corruption. If you see a left out zombie spaceship, you are seeing a ship that costed 4x as much as a Ferrari, and maybe 890x more than your iPhone X or Samsung Galaxy Note 8 - pun intended.

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