The Interstellar Lander is a proposed unmanned space mission that will explore most to all of Interstellar Space. It will launch in 2653 and will return to Earth during the 6780s. It will land on most to all of the interstellar planets, sending feedback to Earth if a new planet, star system, Galaxy or Black Hole or life outside of Earth etc. has been discovered. The Interstellar Lander may return to Earth during late 5555 because of the supernova of the star Betelgeuse 66 R.

Interstellar lander

NASA's reconstruction of the Interstellar Lander

Interstellar Seeker

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The next interstellar space mission, the Interstellar Seeker, will launch a manned space probe (with a crew of 16,007) to interstellar space around the year 390,000 and will return around 390,040. It will only reach the very very very very very outer interstellar space. The astronauts will take 40 years of life supplies with them. Some of the astronauts may even die during the Interstellar Seeker space mission. The Interstellar Seeker will try to find a habitable planet outside of our Solar System.

Interstellar Seeker II

A third but unmanned space probe will be launched on 500,060 to try to find life outside of our universe. It will return to Mars around the year 13,800,000. It will be controlled solely using 5 YOTTAwatts of anti matter energy.