Unitron has been among the better known names for those who grew up with an interest in the stars and telescopes. This brand name has been in the market since as far back as 1952 and has been designing and making telescopes for both terrestrial and celestial viewing. Some of their inventions are still remembered as among the greatest in the field. One example is an instrument that has the option of allowing a navigation system to automatically track celestial bodies, and focus on them directly at the mere press of a button.

Unitron is well-known as a leading manufacturer of great telescopic instruments over a span of several years, and is also marked for designing innovative products that use the latest technology possible and also push the limits of cutting edge technology, as in the case of their binoculars and microscopes. Their products bag the number one spot in each category that they are designed for and are noted across the globe for their superior quality and clarity of nighttime viewing.

The hallmark of a great instrument is the amount of comfort and confidence it inspires in the end user. Unitron telescopes are user friendly and always allow a stargazer to feel that they obey his every command, however slight it may be. This experience makes star-gazing a joy for the telescope user. Unitron also makes and markets such a wide range of products that they have something for almost every one. For example, they have superior quality telescopes for beginners, yet the quality of these lenses is such that even a professional would marvel at their simple brilliance.

However, if you are looking to buy an older, secondhand model of a Unitron, it is advisable to be aware of the discrepancies between older and newer instruments. The standards for both are different and the performance also differs due to that. The main reason for this is the disparity in the technology of then and now.

For those who are planning to modify an older Unitron, it is a distinct possibility that the modified version can match upto the standards of newer, more powerful telescopes available from the company as displayed on their website. The idea of modifying and older instrument and turning into a telescope of powerful specifications is fast catching up among today’s amateur astronomers. To carry out such modifications, all they require is the correct source elements, and they reap the benefits of a rejuvenated, old telescope.

While we talk about old and new telescopes and modifying the older ones, the natural question is whether telescopes ever die out and become obsolete. The very basic answer to this question is an emphatic no! Since crude telescopes can be made even with scraps lying around at home, unless the telescope is a mess of spares and totally shattered fragments, it can never be termed an obsolete object. Albeit it is true that the quality of a readymade telescope will be better than a homemade model, the very basic function of a telescope is fulfilled equally by both.

So the final question remains, if the Unitron is a worthwhile purchase. Of course, it is a brand that has been trusted by many worldwide, and you too will probably agree to their excellence once you have used their instruments. As manufacturers of quality instruments, they have bridged the gap between professional and amateur equipment, and made their mark in the field of telescope construction.

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