One of the most amazing inventions that mankind has developed through its history is to make possible the capturing of the night sky and its wonders through a telescope. In today's time, cameras are an inevitable mount on telescopes, and the question most important today is whether it is possible to take pictures with a standard average telescope.

In all truth, it is not important to have a powerful camera or even a modern digital camera to take pictures via telescopes. The only thing of importance is to focus correctly on the subject you want to capture and have a good grip on the telescope. Subsequently, once you place the camera in the correct direction, take the picture. That is all there is to capturing an image.

The joys of clicking photographs of whatever you please with your personal telescope are untold. The experience of image capturing only gets better with each passing image that you capture on your own. The more powerful the lens on your telescope, the higher quality your pictures will have. You can view all the stars and planets out in the limitless expanse that is space. It is of no concern if you are an amateur, either photographers or astronomers, as long as you know what to click and how to go about it to make your picture a classic.

The first time that you try to capture pictures through your telescope, the major constellation or the beauty of the Milky Way is a good image to start off with. You must also ensure that the camera is at the minimal "f" setting and that the option setting is set at "B". These settings allow the maximum amount of light to enter the shutter, thus allowing better pictures. Most 28-50mm lenses display an "f" option with 1.7-2.8 being the fastest setting.

Once you have focused on the subject in question, make sure that the star appears sharpest and smallest when you are about to click it. With such a focus, you can allow the shutter to continuously capture the image for 30 seconds if you are using a 50mm lens, subsequent to which a trail will appear because of the Earth's rotation. You must also take care to not allow the camera to have even the slightest amount of movement, owing to which the image may develop a blur.

Our recommendation for such photography is a fast film like Fuji 800/1600. The Konica 3200 is also a good option. A digital camera will provide you with the highest possible resolution and also permit you to take the highest quality of images possible.

It is a common misconception that one requires expensive and extravagant elements to produce excellent images via a telescope. All it actually requires is careful attention to what you are doing, and complete focus on the task at hand. Take hold of your camera, point it at the sky, and shoot all you like. You will definitely see results if you put in the effort.

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