The LX200R 14" is made and marketed by the Meade Corporation. This company has been manufacturing superior-quality telescopes for years. Every single person who has viewed and reviewed the new LX200R 14" has been left dumbstruck because of the sheer quality of this product. The fraternity of astronomy has always benefited from the exploits of this company. Most users who have reviewed this new telescope have commented on its excellence and think that this telescope is the best the company has made till date. Following are a couple of interesting reviews:

Robert, resident of north Carolina, tell us:

"I have used the LX200 10", the 125ETX and also the Meade 80mm. And despite all of this, the <eade LX200R 14" has simply bowled me over! It is a high-quality research telescope and comes with a RA drive, similar to the older RCX drives, which is extremely sturdy. The MASP gathering recently showcased this brilliant device. Though I have used several different models, I am sure this is the best I can get, and I have no further plans to look for anything better. This is the best!”

The Meade LX200R 14" model receives such accolades from both amateurs and professionals alike. Although the price tag on the telescope is quite a packet, $6500, it is an investment most night sky enthusiasts will not have too mush of an issue with because of the sheer quality of the telescope’s vision. As such, it is a lifetime investment and one knows that once this telescope in one’s possession, the price tag will seem more than justified, because of the viewing experience.

Lana, from Virginia, also contributes her review of the new telescope:

“Meade was a name that kept doing the rounds around me every time we spoke of telescopes. OF course, my telescope was quite inexpensive and I had to buy a new one, something much better than that old one. Having heard so much about it, I thought the LX200R 14" would make a good purchase. As soon as the first pictures came to my eyes, I knew I would always be proud of the decision I took. I was astonished with the quality, and user-friendliness of the instrument. At my astronomy club, most members own the same model, and they were the ones who kept pushing me to buy this particular scope along with several brilliant reviews even though the price tag was quite discouraging for me initially. What a blessing their bullying has turned out to be. I don’t think I will ever by another telescope, because this, in my opinion is the best I can have, ands I will have it for a lifetime.”

Out of the several reviews we received, these are just two of the praise filled spiels about the Meade LX200R 14". Each review points in the same direction as far as this product is considered – brilliant. There have been some murmurs about its steep pricing, but even those who have complained have owned to the fact that the quality it provides deserves the price it demands. And most are prepared to pay that amount to take home a product that will provide them with unparalleled joy for a lifetime to come.

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