Celestron CPC800

Celestron is a well-known name among telescopes. The CPC 800, manufactured by Celestron, is one of the best they have produced and there are several reviews available for this model. This device is not an exorbitantly priced product – the range is $1800 to $2000 – and yet is a high-quality instrument. This article lists some reviews that may help you in making the correct choice.

"The eight-inch Celestron Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope (SCT) is an exceptional optical instrument. A computer-operated third-generation mount with an impressive optical tube makes it a great mix of the two."

This kind of a mix of features is not commonly seen in regular telescopes, and this device, incorporating both, is the first of its kind. The ground-up Goto mechanism has evolved further making it a superior quality device, and once this device is in use, it is quite simple to conclude that the instrument is nothing sort of being brilliant. This kind of exceptional performance is the variance between an ordinary telescope and one of Celestron make.

"The older Celestron products had a slight blurred quality to the images they produced, but with this model, all such issues have been resolved efficiently. Following the introduction of the NexStar 8 GPS, this telescope is the first that has been equipped with a GPS tracker and timing mechanism. It is a classic that remains in superb operating condition even after lengthy usage durations."

"This is one of the most user-friendly telescopes I've seen, and it is no wonder that this telescope is in such demand. It has a superb design and the common bugs that appear with other untested models in the market, which haven't faced enough trial runs, are not likely to appear in this telescope. There are several sleeker and smaller refracting telescopes that may attract your attention, but when you speak of an eight-inch SCT like the Celestron CPC 800, there is not a single product in the market that can match up to it. Although, other Celestron models cost considerable less than the $1900 tag that the CPC 800 carries, this telescope makes the expenditure completely worthwhile and is the best product that you can purchase at such a competitive price."

"The CPC 800 from Celestron comes with a sturdy tripod attachment which makes the whole deal a complete package for the stargazer. Although, it is not correct to set much store by the accessories provided with the telescope as they are the standard equipment, the complete offer from NexStar makes this telescope the best in its category in the entire market."

We have conducted exhaustive research and analyzed thoroughly the many reviews of the Celestron CPC 800 that are available in the market. In all this study of the Celestron telescope, we have found no negatives or flaws that we can report. CPC 800 is Celestron's latest model and for most reviewers this is the most superior telescope they have ever manufactured. It is priced competitively and is an ideal buy for amateurs and professionals alike.

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