Meade Corporation is the company that makes and markets the LX200R and has been in the same business for years, making superior quality telescopes for enthusiasts all over the world The introduction of the LX200R won over even the harshest critic.

The company being one of the leading lights of the industry, their products are of a superb quality. According to the user feedback, the LX200R is one of the best the company has ever manufactured. Actual customers sent reviews, portions of which have bee extracted for this article.

Robert, from North Carolina, says:

"I have purchased the 10" LX200, and the 125ETX apart from a Meade 80mm. But when I saw the Meade 14" LX200R I realized it’s in a league of its own! This telescope can easily be marketed as a research quality telescope, and the RA drive it comes equipped with (similar to the older RCX drive) is an exemplary study in sturdiness! I saw its showcasing at the latest MASP star gathering. In all honesty, despite having used excellent equipment in all my years with a telescope, I find this the best so far and I do not intend searching for anything better. Meade takes all the credit, this is brilliant!"

It is common to find people who think very highly of the Meade LX200R 14" in both the professional and amateur fraternities. This telescope carried a marked price of $6500. For most people, that is a large amount of money. Stargazers however, consider this amount an investment that brings them more in returns in the form of sky-watching experiences like never before. Once this telescope is in a person’s hands, it will forever change the way he views the stars and distant galaxies.

Lana, from Virginia shares her review of the LX200R 14" telescope:

"Meade is a name that cropped up often whenever the talk centered on telescopes. I possessed a rather cheap telescope, but had used it for quite some time and wanted something more to the industry standards. I heard of LX200R 14” and immediately made up my mind that I had to have it. And boy, am I proud of the decision I took. I noticed its superior quality as soon as I began clicking. This instrument is extremely user-friendly. What was better for me was that some of my astronomy club chums have the model, and they were the ones who literally bullied me into buying this particular model, even though I wasn’t too keen on the expense. Their reviews were what led me to this telescope in the first place. Today, holding my own LX200R in my hand, I can be quite sure and say it with certainty that I do not intend to replace this ever, because I believe it is the best there can be.”

The Meade LX200R 14" has received several such glowing reviews from users who have dug into their pockets to cough up enough cash for this wondrous device. Every single review says the same thing about the telescope – there is no other like it. The only facet of this product that led to a few grumbles was the price tag on it. IT is a little steep, but even the grumblers admit that with the quality that this telescope provides, the high price is not too much of a hurdle to cross, and for an instrument that will occupy a proud place for a lifetime, no price is ever too much.