For learning high-resolution photography from telescopes, what is better known as astrophotography, and the study of celestial objects while capturing these images, the ideal telescope is the Tasco 48t telescope. It is a relatively basic, functional device, smaller than general high power telescopes, and an easy instrument for even kids to use to go stargazing. It can be found in children’s stores where it is sold as a learning tool.

The Tasco 48t telescope is a relatively old model, a hand use tool that is a little difficult to operate and one that is not easily available these days. However, you may be able to pick up one of these classics at auctions or even in online stores if you are very lucky. For children who want to own a telescope of their own and also wish to learn about astronomy and the joy of watching stars, but do not have any teachers who are too well-acquainted with the subject of astronomy or with telescopes and do not have the necessary expertise to act as good mentors, purchasing the Tasco 48t telescope is a good bet and an excellent aid at the primary learning stage.

Since it is a learning telescope, Tasco 48t comes with what is known as the Alt-azimuth mount. The base for the telescope is made extremely strong, and the whole apparatus is adjustable in all the directions, which allows for multidirectional viewing. This is what the Tasco telescope does very conveniently, permitting you to look at all directions while you teach your children how to operate it. The mount can be adjusted according to your convenience so that the telescope can be placed in any direction and can be held in place in that position once the ideal viewing position has been selected.

For children, another useful purchase is that of the Barlow Lens. This lens fits perfectly with the Tasco 48t. Adding this element over the original eyepiece of the lens will greatly improve the quality of vision at night, and make star-gazing a joyous experience. Barlow Lenses for the Tasco come in several different sizes and specification, starting at a magnification factor of 2x.

Although the Tasco 48t is definitely an old model, it still is a good instrument for sky-watching. A beginner can use this as his first telescope and even though it is a basic device, it will still provide a novice with a spectacular view of the night sky. Thus in spite of it being such a fundamentally simple device it is the best option for kids to start out with.

A Tasco 48t telescope can be located through either Yahoo or EBay. If you are not an online shopper, then you can try the local garage sales, hobby centers, or even flea markets. The Tasco 48t is an inexpensive product that will start the learning process for children and if you are an amateur looking for a first time experience with the stars, the Tasco is your best companion for the night.

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