Flightcrew Training are preparations for the astronauts' task when they go in to space. When astronauts go into space on the shuttle their tasks must be accomplished correctly the first time.

Preparation for any mission will include time in or on several training devices. At the Johnson Space Center (JSC) they have an Orbiter one G trainer which has a fully scale flight deck, a mid deck and a mid body complete with payload bay. The flight crew gains experience in training, habitability, extra-vehicular activity, ingress, egress, television operation, waste management, stowage and routine housekeeping and maintenance.

Another device used to rain astronauts is the Orbiter neutral buoyancy trainer. This trainer consists of a full scale crew cabin, mid deck, an airlock, and payload bay door which are all immersed in a huge tank which provides a zero G environment for training which includes extra vehicular activity.

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