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UltraHyperBear UltraHyperBear 22 April 2021

The future of the universe

The future of the universe:

2060: Halley's Comet returns

2100: Glaciers melt

2200: Sea levels rise slowly

2800: Earth's magnetic field flips

3300: Comet Hale-Bopp returns

5000: Sea levels rise rapidly

7000: Asteroid impact

12000: Antares explodes

25000: Constellation change

50000: VY Canis Majoris explodes

60000: All glaciers melt

1 million: Apollo footprints fade

2 million: Betelgeuse explodes

9 million: Gamma ray burst hits earth

15 million: Phobos breaks apart

30 million: Saturn loses its rings

50 million: Antarctica melts

100 million: Major asteroid impact

450 million: Sun becomes more luminous

1 billion: Oceans evaporate

4 billion: Sun becomes a red subgiant

5 billion: Andromeda collides with the Milky Way

7 billion: Sun becomes a red giant

8 billion: Earth …

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UltraHyperBear UltraHyperBear 20 April 2021

How lucky earth actually is

You're probably thinking that life is no big deal, because we have discovered tons of exoplanets that could support life. But, I hate to break it to you, you're wrong. Here's why we can't ever find life on other planets.

  1. A moon: All planets that have to support life needs a moon. This keeps the tides moving and keeps the ocean animals alive.
  2. The habitable zone: A planet has to be in the habitable zone of its star in order to support life.
  3. Location: A planet that is too close to the center of a galaxy can't support life. In order to learn why, you need to know about supernovas.
  4. Gamma ray bursts: Supernovae all release gamma ray bursts. The energy from a gamma ray burst would be like collecting the power from all planets, stars, and asteroids ar…
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New guy676 New guy676 20 April 2021


space is full of mysteries but if you can think of a better example of space like earth is livable and neptune has windy air and mercury is closet to the sun but venus is much hotter because of the atmosphere.

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MemoryAngel MemoryAngel 14 January 2021

Names Of The 24 Superhabitable Exoplanets

Hi, so I was just curious if there was a page somewhere that lists the 24 potentially "superhabitable" that scientists found a while back? I see plenty of news articles stating that there were 24, but none give the specific names of any. Does anyone know the 24 or has a link to a page that lists them? Thanks

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Pokeypoke0 Pokeypoke0 5 December 2020

Theory: Do aliens really exist?

Logically, the answer would be no. Because; there has been no proven evidence, and if they were real, we would've found real evidence... Who started this theory? Idk, also, if aliens were real, they probably wouldn't call themselves "aliens". Conclusion: Logically, chances that aliens exist about 0.1%.

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Pleaseunhackme Pleaseunhackme 22 April 2020

Future of the universe

10,000 years: Antares will explode

40,000  years: Voyager passes Proxima Centauri

50,000 years: Earth will enter another glacial period

100,000 years: Supervolcano Eruption

1M years: Betelquese will explode

1.29M years: Gilese 710 enters the Oort Cloud

6M years: Deadly Gamma Ray Burst

15M years: Phobos becomes a ring

30M years: Saturn loses it's rings

50M years: Antarctica melts

100M years: Major Asteroid impact

250M years: New Supercontinent

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Tanhamman Tanhamman 2 August 2014

Missing it

I miss the Space Shuttle. Despite Challenger, and Columbia, it still rocked.

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Iwaschris Iwaschris 29 November 2012

Space Cadet

Just love space stuff , been written althistory about space, so this is a new challenge.

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Wingman1 Wingman1 11 October 2012

Spam Cleanup!

i jspent 2 1/2 hrs Today cleaning up after User

spam / gibberish 100+ pages of that crap, over almost 3 years!!!!!

It looked like a prievious Admin blocked a user for some reason and they took it out on the wiki. they made over 100 spam pages! i even seen where you cleaned up some of the mess, but you missed most of it. i cleaned up the rest and the ip vandel will not be back from that ip anymore.

if ANYONE finds anymore spam pages please leave me a message or link on my talk page. or leave me a comment here. Thank You!

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Wingman1 Wingman1 8 October 2012

A General Request.

i have notced that a few pages on this wiki are nothing more than piss-poor bad copy/paste jobs. While i have little problem with copy/past work at least take the time to make it look good. The Pluto page is but one example, look at all those red links and Notes section, thats a lot of cite errors. and look at the redlinks for just the images. it's a mess people.

Now i know that is a lot of work and one or two editors can not do it overnight or by themselves so let us do the following things.

  • 1. Pick a Category

even if it just a one page category, do a page, get it looking right, enough info with cross linked as needed to related pages, once you do this then move on to another one. (just remember, spell check and grammar!)

( i have problems wi…

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Snarky-O'Snapper Snarky-O'Snapper 1 October 2012

Faster Than Light Travel

Faster Than Light (FTL) travel may be the bread and butter of many Sci-Fi adventures but does anyone have any thoughts about how this kind of travel would effect the bodies of the astronauts? The theory is that time slows down the closer they get to light speed. So they're still young and everyone they knew is dead when they get back. But what else?

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MIB Agent MIB Agent 30 September 2012

This wiki is not alive D:

It's true I do not see many people. And i joined due to my love for astrnomy. Please fellow space investigators bring this wiki up on it's feet!

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Sandylee0408 Sandylee0408 30 September 2012


why my wikia message is gone

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Lelouch Di Britannia Lelouch Di Britannia 21 September 2012

Adopting the Space Wiki

Currently this wiki has no current admins or bureaucrats. The last admin was active over three months ago. So I decided, in order to improve this wiki, to adopt this wiki. If there are any objections or any other comments on this please list them below. Thank You! 04:31, September 21, 2012 (UTC)

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