Asteroid 2002 JF56

The two "spots" in this image are two images of asteroid 2002 JF56 taken on June 11 (bottom, at a distance of 3.36 million kilometers) and June 12, 2006 (the top, taken at 1.34 million kilometers)

132524 APL (previously known by its provisional designation,2002 JF56 is a small asteroid about 2.5 kilometers across visited by the New Horizons probe, which passed it at about 101,867 km at 04:05 UTC on June 13 2006. The best current estimate of the asteroid's diameter is approximately 2.3 kilometers, and the spectra obtained by New Horizons shows that APL is an S-type asteroid. [1]

Alan Stern, principal investigator for New Horizons, named the asteroid, in reference to the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab, which runs the mission. [1]



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